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Hi!  I’m Jackie, an “everyday girl.”

Email: thatswhatsupblogger@gmail.com

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Are you super busy and active and struggle with looking stylish?  I’ve got you covered.  As a former teacher and now stay-at-home mom of young twins, I have nailed fashionable and functional style!  I don’t want to be in sweats all day, but I also don’t want to wear clothes that need constant readjusting.  Who has time for that?  Plus, I will show you that you can be a fashionista without breaking the bank.

Margot Genuine Leather Fringe Bag from Marshall's
A look from one of my “Thrifty Thursday” posts
Beauty Counter Summer Nights Duo
Beauty Counter Summer Nights Duo- nontoxic makeup



I also love makeup.  I think it’s fun and interesting, but I don’t have all the time in the world for primping.  I know I am not alone in this!  I share simple makeup ideas that will make you look and feel like a queen, as well as review makeup and beauty products so you don’t have to put much thought into what you should purchase.  I also love to find high-performance drugstore makeup items that can be used in place of high end, designer products.


Want delicious food and a chic, organized living space but struggle to find the time for it all?  I discuss ways to combine organization and decor and share delicious, easy recipes that you won’t want to miss!


I have loved makeup and fashion since my preteen years.  I knew I would someday express that love to the world!  Enter this blog.  But before creating it in February 2016, I completed my undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Minor in Music.  I then went on to obtain a Master of Science Degree in Teaching, and I started out my career teaching 4th grade.  After 3 years in 4th grade, I moved to a different school and taught 5th grade for another 3 years.  During that third year, I discovered I was expecting twins!  My husband and I decided that on many levels, it was best that I stay home and raise the girls, especially during their younger years.  After the girls’ 2nd birthday, I realized I was really ready for some adult interaction and that I needed to stimulate my mind and expend my creative energies.  The past couple of years at home, I have fine-tuned my cooking and decorating skills and revamped my wardrobe and beauty routine, and I want to share my ideas with you!

Follow my blog for thrice-weekly posts on what’s up regarding the above topics!  Thanks for stopping by.



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      1. Sure I’ll subscribe and we’ll keep in touch definitely
        Thanks for participating
        Who are you self hosted with ? Were you able to migrate your old posts to your new blog ?


      2. I am severely delayed in seeing my notifications. They no longer “notify” me, so I think there is nothing, but then when I go to my computer, I see things. It’s confusing. Anyway, I believe I migrated my followers with Jetpack but I am not positive yet. I am on WordPress.org and hosted with Bluehost. I love that I could design everything. It was so fun! I just hope I can keep the traffic. Do you see my Q&A post or Battle of the Drugstore Crayons in the Reader? I am hoping my posts will be visible… Thank you!!!

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