New Blog…

Hey, everyone!  I have decided to move my blog over to a self-hosted site. My new blog can be found at thatswhatsupblog.  I am both excited and terrified. I really love that I was able to design my own sight to make it exactly what I wanted, but I want to continue reading your posts (and sharing mine with you).  I am not yet sure if there is a way to get my new blog posts to appear in the Reader (even though my site is through WordPress.org), so I would LOVE it if you could head over and subscribe. Please let me know what you think and let me know of any tips you may have!  All of my social media addresses are the same except Facebook, which is now thatswhatsup.  

That’s what’s up today. I have a fun beauty post coming up next…  Don’t miss it!

9 thoughts on “New Blog…

  1. Hi! Yes your posts are still showing up on my reader even though I followed you on the original WordPress site most likely. I think with self-hosted it gives the chance to have more control of the site but you still get wordpress features like showing up in the reader, tagging posts, and your followers should migrate over 🙂


    1. I have no idea why I am just now seeing this. My notifications are nonexistent, and then when I open my laptop, I see things. I see.. I am confused over here because I cannot find either of my most recent posts in the reader- a Q&A Tag and Battle of the Drugstore Lip Crayons. I would be SO appreciative if you could let me know if you come across either of those from the new domain, http://www.thatswhatsupblog.com. I got my followers to migrate over…at least I think, but I feel so disconnected! Thank you!

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      1. Yes, I can see both posts on the domain you just sent! I’m not sure if you can see your own posts in the reader but the one I’m commenting on now did show up in my reader. With self hosted, you still go to wordpress.com to see your reader/notifications etc but to see other details go to “your website UR/wp-admin” to change things like the theme and everything. You can install/use Jetpack (a wordpress app) to migrate followers over and it allows people who are still on WordPress.com to follow you. Hope this helped a little 🙂


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