Beautycounter Rose Neroli Hand Cream Review

I am a hand cream nut.  I have a tube by the sink, by my bed, in my purse, in the car.  I hate having even remotely dry hands or cuticles.  So when I got my hands on this Beautycounter version (See what I did there?), I was really hoping I would like it.  In the past, I have reached for hand creams because I enjoyed the fragrances, but that is not always a good thing.  (I’ll explain why in a bit.)  This Beautycounter version contains no added fragrance and is made of extremely safe ingredients.  Did you know that federal laws  currently do not monitor the ingredients in beauty products?  It’s fairly new news to me.  And when you think about all of the horror stories about ingredients we have thought to be otherwise safe affecting people in negative ways, you start to worry about what’s in your own beauty bag…er on your own “beauty counter.” Ha!  I also reviewed some Beautycounter makeup items a little while back:

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Onto the hand cream review!  beauty-counter-rose-neroli-hand-cream

Although it is a light formula, a little definitely goes a long way!


  • Super moisturizing without the greasy feeling.
  • Penetrates the skin easily and quickly (unless you use more product than is needed).
  • Leaves tops of hands feeling silky smooth.


  • Refreshing floral, citrusy scent from the safe and natural ingredients, such as rose oil extract and citrus leaf oil, that are at work nourishing the skin.
  • Oozes a spa-like aura that instantly relaxes you.

Why are added and artificial fragrances not always a good thing?  Some synthetic fragrances (which can smell really good) can contain phthalates, musks, or other chemicals, which can irritate the skin and even disrupt hormones.  No thank you!

I love knowing that this hand cream, which does a great job of moisturizing my frequently-washed hands, is made of the safest ingredients.  Hopefully, come wintertime when my hands are dry and almost cracked, this cream will still do its job!

That’s what’s up in safe skincare today.  You can purchase this hand cream and learn about other Beautycounter products here.  Do you have a favorite hand cream?  Tell me about it!

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