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5-Minute Makeup Tutorial + Tips

Hey, everyone!  This week, I had some days where I had to be up and out of the house earlier than usual.  It’s pretty near impossible to get my tired body out of bed so that I can have an hour to spare and spend on primping, and once the kids are up, forget it.  So, I have to improvise, and by improvise I don’t mean skip makeup entirely.  (Luckily, I prefer to wear my hair up, so that takes no time at all!)

In reality, I would rather devote 15 minutes to painting my face (more details below).  But I challenged myself to finish a complete makeup look in 5 minutes or less, and I came in at exactly 5 minutes.  Here is the breakdown:

  • Foundation: 60 seconds
  • Under eye concealer: 30 seconds
  • Blush and highlighter: 45 seconds total
  • Finishing powder: 15 seconds
  • Eyeshadow: 45 seconds
  • Eyeliner: 20 seconds
  • Mascara: 60 seconds
  • Eyebrows: 15 seconds
  • Lips: 10 seconds

Ta-dahhhhh! Makeup in 5 minutes.5-minute makeup tutorial

Here are the products I used:

5-minute makeup tutorial
Highlighter at work

5-minute makeup tutorial- tarte energy noir clay palette

5-minute makeup tutorial
Another angle
Here are some things like to do when I do have the extra time to primp:

  • Add brow powder beneath the brow mascara
  • Add darker shades of eyeshadow to the corners of my eyes
  • Spend more time applying mascara
  • Layer a redness-reducing primer underneath my foundation
  • Depends on the occasion, but maybe add eyeliner to the bottom lids
  • Just spend extra time overall

That’s what’s up in time-saving makeup today.  Would you be satisfied with this routine?  What are your quick makeup tips?  Please comment, follow, and share!

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