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Redemption Market: “Shop for Freedom”

We all love shopping, right?  Whether you like shopping for clothes, accessories, home décor, shoes, gifts…You probably enjoy shopping for something, whether it’s in person or online.  What if every purchase you made served a purpose other than being simply aesthetically pleasing, such as working towards making the world a better place?  Fair-trade markets do just that.  Redemption Market is a fair trade boutique that offers unique goods created by artisans around the world who have suffered in unfortunate situations, such as exploitation and human trafficking.  Redemption Market aids in providing these individuals with healthy avenues on which to expend their energies and allowing them to receive fair compensation for the items they create.  It seeks to instill joy, hope, and purpose into artisans’ lives and give people opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise had due to:

  • poor, rural living conditions
  • sex trafficking
  • modern-day slavery
  • dirty water

The boutique began by working with a rehabilitation program in Cambodia that rescues women off the street and now partners with over a dozen similar organizations!

Redemption Market Boutique

What kinds of goods can you find at Redemption Market while you shop for freedom?  Quality, chic, fashion-forward, unique items such as:

  • handbags
  • jewelry
  • home décor and accents
  • clothing

Hand in Hand- Redepmtion MarketYou get pretty, natural, sustainable items that no one else has, and the money you spend on them is well-spent in more ways than one.  When you buy from Redemption Market, you escape the middle-men, which makes prices more affordable for you, and artisans receive ethical and fair wages.  Plus, when you purchase certain items, money is donated
to those less fortunate.  For example, when you buy candles, lotion, or soap associated with the Hand in Hand organization, a bar of soap and month of clean water is given to children in Haiti.  Check out this coastal-themed hand lotion, which supports the cause.  Visit this page to learn more about the programs Redemption Market benefits and the products it offers.

Here are some of my favorite items!  You can click on each caption to view pricing and other details on  Some of these items come in different varieties, so be on the lookout for those, too!

Block Printed Leather Satchel- Redemption Market
Block Printed Leather Satchel

Suede Envelope Clutch- Redemption Market
Suede Envelope Clutch

Ethical Bead and Leather Wrap Bracelet from Kenya

Nepali Bracelets Handmade and Ethical

Orissa Parvati Necklace- Redemption Market
Orissa Parvati Necklace

Earth and Fire Chevron Necklace- Redemption Market
Earth and Fire Chevron Necklace

Olive Wood Cheese Board- Redemption Market
Olive Wood Cheese Board
Want to learn more or see products as Redemption Market receives them?  Here are the social media links, so you can stay connected:





That’s what’s up in fair trade shopping today.  I seriously wanted to show you every single product.  I love them all!  Which one is your favorite??

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Photo via Redemption Market’s Instagram account

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