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LuLaRoe: Taking Fashionable and Functional to the Next Level

I’ve been really into maxi skirts lately.  I am not sure if it’s because I am kind of sick of wearing shorts or that maxis make me feel cute without cringing every time I try to function.  When I was a teacher, I wore them more often to add a little more whimsy to my wisdom-sharing.  I wish I would have been able to wear LuLaRoe maxi skirts when I was teaching!  LulaRoe wasn’t founded until late spring of 2013, and I was only in the classroom until December of that year, when I began my maternity leave.  I didn’t even know LuLaRoe existed.  Read on to learn about the most comfortable maxi skirt I have ever worn.

LulaRoe is a family-run business based out of Los Angeles that provides a revolutionary clothing line for women and children. Why is it revolutionary?  

  • Clothing items include highly functional maxi, pencil, and a-line skirts, as well as dresses, tops, and leggings in patterns ranging from classic to quirky.  
  • The company is constantly designing and releasing new styles, patterns, and fabrics.
  •  The fabrics contain a small amount of nylon, which is a big contributor to the extreme functionality of each item.

Photo via Jackie and Barb’s Facebook Shopping Group
I totally boho-ized this skirt to suit my style preferences.  Because there are so many prints and styles, you can mold the pieces to pretty much any style palette.  I knotted my favorite plain white tee (Read about it here.) and topped the look off with a long necklace, long earrings, and a fringed leather bag.  I wore this outfit on Labor Day, which took me on a zoo trip with my family and on errands.  It stayed on from morning until I hit the hay!  Here are a few standout features that I noticed:

  • Readjusting was limited and comfort was limitless.  
  • There wasn’t one little ounce of static cling, which I have found to be the case in your average maxi skirt brands.LuLaRoe Magenta Maxi Skirt

LuLaRoe Magenta Maxi Skirt

Although the company is based out of L.A., its consultants are endlessly networking to reach the public with the goal of providing others with the joy of owning comfortable, stylish clothing.  LuLaRoe products are not sold in stores, in catalogs, or websites, but rather directly from LuLaRoe consultants via in-home pop-up boutiques, through Facebook groups online, and during live sale events on Facebook and Periscope.  Items move quickly because there are limited amounts of prints and fabrics– New ones are constantly being developed!

If you are interested in a skirt like this one, check out Jackie and Barb’s Facebook group.  (They are offering my readers a discount- $10 off your first purchase.  Just mention the code THATSWHATSUP during check out!)  Jackie and Barb are a best friend team from NJ who have always struggled with finding affordable, fashionable clothing that was functional for their curvy bodies.  They first discovered LuLaRoe in April of this year and were instantly hooked!  They were stunned, wondering where LuLaRoe products had been all their lives! (As do I.  I am a loony for leggings all winter long, so I can’t wait to get my legs in them!  Buh-bye to basic black everyday.)  They began consulting for LuLaRoe this past July, not only because they love the clothes, but because they want to empower women.  They want to inspire and show that while its not easy, it is not impossible to run a small, successful business while raising children.  And they want to have fun doing it!

Photo via Jackie and Barb’s Facebook Shopping Group
In addition to the Facebook Group, you can also track Jackie and Barb’s LuLaRoe items and events on social media or contact the girls directly:

Instagram: lularoejackiebarb
Periscope: LLR_jackiebarb
Twitter: LLR_jackiebarb
That’s whats up in fashionable and functional style today.  I hope you enjoyed my outfit and learning about LuLaRoe.  Please feel free to share with your readers, friends, and family!  Thanks for stopping by.

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Thank you to Jackie and Barb, LuLaRoe consultants, for giving me this product to try out and share with my readers.  All opinions are my own.

How cute are these colors and prints?!

5 thoughts on “LuLaRoe: Taking Fashionable and Functional to the Next Level

  1. Thanks for this amazing post Jackie ❤ We are so happy that you love your new Maxi skirt ! You look gorgeous !!! You title couldn't be more fitting….LuLaRoe is definitely about taking fashionable and functional to the next level 🙂


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